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How Should We Live: A New Approach

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“Why did I not only major in fashion? Surely now I can become a famous fashion designer. “” Why didn’t I accept a job offer in the media industry at that time? Maybe now I can meet a lot of artists “, and there are still many other remorse statements.

That is a little picture of the internal conflict that we feel. Feelings of raging that are not known, and hope that time can be played back. But, in fact? Never can.

1. Not Being An Ideal For Yourself
There are so many things we dream about in life. And, the most painful and very regrettable thing in life is that we can actually be someone we really want to be.

For example, since I was 5 years old I really wanted to be a famous advertising star. But, because I am afraid of the scornings that others send me.

I was so scared they would comment on my dress, hairstyles that I liked, and other things. So, I did not dare to step in to become an advertising star.

This is a fear of change. In fact, this is very detrimental, even stopping us from continuing to grow into the best version of ourselves.

2. Not pursuing dreams
Keep pursuing dreams, even though you have to chase them to the end of the world. If you have no clarity about the purpose and other dreams of life. Life often leaves us lulled by the present situation. When we are comfortable with our existing lifestyle, we tend to choose a safe path in every life decision that exists.

One reason we do not progress and develop for the better. How can we pursue life’s dreams, if the decisions we make are always never significant?

It’s important to know where we are now. However, it is even more important to know “where are we going to take our lives?”

We all have to be brave enough to move forward, not just walking on the spot. We must be confident in all our abilities, so we are willing to take more risks in pursuing life’s dreams.

3. Live Our Own Life, Don’t Think of the Life of Others
Comparing ourselves with others only makes us more tired and complains with the life we ​​have now. Not only that, the process of comparing yourself with others is one process that has no end. Why is that? Because there will always be people who are more powerful, smarter, more successful, prettier or more handsome, and more than ourselves.

Your neighbor will indeed look greener. But they could also have the same view as us. Who knows it turns out they also see us greener than them. That could happen, right?

Comparing yourself with others and living other people’s lives only makes life feel bitter, self-doubt, not daring to act, and hurt when you see the achievements of others. Very unprofitable, right? So, be ourselves, live the life we ​​have, not the lives of others.

4. Promise to Change Tomorrow
It’s a pity that we always think, we still have a lot of time. In fact, the time we have is very limited. We will never know what will happen tomorrow. Are we still given the opportunity by God to live, and can improve everything? What if not?

Believe procrastination is an attitude that can lead us to endless remorse.

5. Don’t spend a lot of time with family and friends
Family, friends and closest friends are very special people in everyone’s life. And, spending a lot of time with them is one of the biggest investments we can make in life.

That time is very valuable, even more valuable than money. Cannot be played back and cannot be purchased. So, spend that precious time with your loved ones who deserve our love

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