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4 Easy Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

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An important factor determining one’s success is self discipline. It is impossible for someone to succeed without having strong self-discipline. Successful entrepreneurs, big sportsmen, famous musicians to successful entrepreneurs for the middle class, all have something in common for the success they get. Strong self-discipline.

Parents and teachers always emphasize to us that self discipline is so important, no less important as having a goal or dream. Even they say, without self discipline, it is impossible for someone to be successful in his life.

Many people want to have strong self-discipline but, they can never get it. Even when they want to be disciplined on one thing, they actually do something else that is not what they want.

For example, when someone wants to learn reading skills on-line to make him able to learn and read faster and easier. They were so passionate and committed to discipline at the beginning. When studying they are even cool to do other things at the computer. A few days later, they stopped and left the matter.

As a result, he taught himself that building self-discipline was very difficult. Only people who have strong determination can do it.

Is it so difficult to build self discipline?

It’s difficult if you don’t know how to discipline yourself. It’s easy if you know how. Next, I will provide easy ways and steps to build strong self-discipline in you.

Let’s start discussing one by one:

1. Start with one habit

Most self-discipline fails due to the many things you want to achieve at once. They do not understand, that self discipline is built through real action. This requires time and process in order to have the habit.

Impatience is the main cause of someone not being able to build self discipline, especially for what they want. They immediately want to see the real results of the business they made. They have instant mentality that actually prevents them from achieving success in their lives.

The second biggest obstacle is belief will be able to form and do several habits at once. For example, when someone wants to learn meditation to calm the mind, they instead make other targets such as Einstein Factor, do Effortless Success techniques and other qualities that make their focus and attention divided to do the activity.

Forming self discipline is like changing certain muscles in our body, such as the muscles of the hand and stomach. Consistency and practice are needed to be able to shape it. There are no muscles that can be obtained in one to two exercises.

Likewise with self discipline. It can be formed by itself if we give attention and focus on what we want.


Practice to discipline yourself in one habit that you want. Is to master the skill of reading, follow the challenges of reading or even train yourself to meditate, to calm your mind.

By practicing and focusing on one trait or habit, at that time you have a great opportunity to train and build self discipline.

This is the easiest way to practice self discipline. Success builds self-evidenced discipline from new habits that are formed. You no longer need to feel difficult and heavy hearted to do these habits.

This is where a great determination, focus and attention is needed to direct all efforts and energy that are released only to form a desired habit. This is where self discipline really is formed.

So, before you start, choose one trait or habit that you really want in yourself. Whatever it is. One trait that can support you to become a successful person in the future.

2. Commitment to Getting Started

Starting a new habit is indeed very difficult. It takes time to be able to make this habit really easier to do. All of this is because of the nature of the mind. The nature of the mind that is difficult to change.

The mind will survive to do whatever it feels is good for us. Only according to the mind is not according to us consciously. Even when it’s not good in real life. That is why many people find it difficult to get out of their comfort zone, because the mind perceives as a threat if it must get out of the comfort zone.

The ease of forming this habit only works if your commitment is manifested in the real form of action. To form self discipline, you must want to start action. No matter how much effort you give, start acting.

3. Build Consistency by Acting

The common problem of many people in forming new habits is that they cannot be consistent in acting. By acting consistently, the feeling that was so heavy will start to become lighter when forming self discipline.

By acting, we can measure how far the journey has been taken. With actions all will look clearer and easily for us to be able to plan to take action better.

The key to being able to act consistently is to love and consider what we do. This will make the self-discipline process easier and more enjoyable.


Make the habit a game for yourself. Make small targets that are easy to reach. When you reach these targets, reward yourself. Can be with the goal or give a gift to yourself. This gift can be in the form of food.

Try to be creative to set targets and gifts that you can give yourself. That will help you form self discipline more easily and quickly.

All you need to remember is to continue to practice this consistently. When your body is accustomed, you will not need the gift again.

4. Prepare, Plant, Treat and Repeat

By doing the three points above seriously, you will arrive at a point, where you do not need great attention, focus, and energy to make the new habit.

Self discipline is formed by itself with a new habit formed. You can freely choose and discipline yourself in other things that you really need in your life.

Forming this self discipline is like planting rice. You need superior seeds for sowing. When you plant it, you need attention to take care of it until the grain in the rice starts to fill and harden ready to be harvested.

This is a way you can build self-discipline in your life. The simplest and easiest way I know. You need to know, self discipline is formed through a series of processes, requiring time and effort. It cannot be built in the blink of an eye.

Good luck and success for you in building self discipline. I also want to hear your story in building your self discipline. I am waiting for your story below.

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