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5 Simple Habits to Help You Find Happiness

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Having a happy life must be everyone’s dream. But the funny thing is, everyone turns out to have different definitions of happiness. Some people think that happiness is when we have a lot of money or when we have a successful career.

In fact, happiness is not always related to money or something special. Believe it or not we can find happiness precisely from various trivial things around us. And here are 5 simple habits that can make us happy.

1. Take time to be grateful
The first habit that can make you happy is to be grateful. No need to wait for extraordinary things to happen to be grateful but start from the simple things that happen throughout the day.

For example, a good lunch menu, or an accidental meeting with an old friend. It’s trivial, but it’s really small things like this that will make you realize how lucky you are today.

2. Thanking others
Saying many thanks to others will never make you lose. Instead thanking someone not only makes them feel valued but also makes us happy.

You can get used to thanking the person who helped you. If it’s not there, you can thank anyone in your life. Because you realize it or not, without them you are nobody.

3. Talk to someone you haven’t met for a long time
One of the most effective ways to relieve stress that you feel is to talk to someone. You can steal 5 minutes from the time you have to contact a friend you haven’t met for a long time. Ask how they are, and discuss trivial matters outside of work.

For example, you can contact my peers during high school and remember some funny events with him. Even if it’s only 5 minutes but believe it, your feelings will be much happier than before.

4. Do nothing for 2 minutes
We are used to doing many things. Chasing work all day long as if you will lose everything if you don’t move quickly. In fact it works too much which makes you lose your happiness.

After a day of doing this, there’s nothing wrong if at the end of the day you enjoy your own time without doing anything.

5. Take 30 seconds to breathe
Besides being grateful for good things, one of the things that you should be grateful for is your presence in the world. Close your eyes, take a deep breath for 3 seconds then exhale through the mouth in 5 seconds. Do this several times. Although trivial this habit will make the body and mind much more relaxed.

It’s easy, right? Slowly do these five things every day. Hopefully your days will be more fun!

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