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Keep Moving Forward Anyway To Help Others

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Changes continue. Time keeps moving. No matter people will follow it or not. Those who move, will be safe. Those that stop moving, will be crushed. There is no time to relax. Every thing must be done continuously. Move forward. Reach the goal.

Many will say, what are you trying to do? What are you looking for? Just be grateful for the same now. And they are people who are stuck with their situation. Can only be jealous of the success of others and try to weaken the people who try. Looking for friends. Companion friend. Big trouble. Swagger with the magnitude of the problems they face. But it still doesn’t move. Under the pretext of being grateful and looking for what life is.

They are selfish people. Who only thinks of themselves. Feeling about life is about themselves. About their own difficulties. Feel that they are the ones who deserve to be helped by all the suffering and difficulties they face. Which sometimes doesn’t even matter as little as the suffering of the people around them.

Why is it selfish? Because they don’t want to try to be better. They think, being better is about themselves. About wallowing in wealth and success for themselves. And because of the difficulty the road has to face, they say, be grateful for what is now. Why bother, after all, they will die. Easy. Easy. Stay silent.

In fact, being successful isn’t about yourself. But about helping other people. How can we help others if we need help ourselves? It’s wrong to pursue success is about yourself. About enriching yourself. That is about other people.

What can we give others what we have. Not necessarily in the form of assets. It can also be motivation, enthusiasm, experience, and so on. If we just don’t have these things, then what can we give? To be successful, you need motivation, enthusiasm, a strong will to move forward. And that we can share with those around us. If you don’t have one? What can we share?

Success, not about yourself. We must keep moving, not for ourselves. All that for others. The potential we have is not to enrich ourselves. But to help others. Don’t be selfish. Just live for himself. Do not want to try for someone else. Do not want to be bigger to be able to help others.

Give in to the situation and lament the pain on the pretext of being grateful and patient. Gratitude and patience are not passive. There must be a maximum effort that precedes it. Whatever the outcome, be grateful or be patient. But still, there must be a maximum effort that precedes it.

Now the choice is in our hands. Will we keep moving? Or silently lamenting the situation.

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