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The 5 Keys to Happiness

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Life happiness is everyone’s dream, basically every human being wants a happy life, not a problem and far from the word sadness. Sometimes the deterioration in life occurs when we think too much about happy standards that are too high. Hey … you are wrong! Because Happy is simple, a happy life does not need too high a standard, a wealth of assets, a position or a prominent social status, etc. that makes your life more depressed.

Our happy standards are determined, there is no need to go along with other people’s standards of happiness that are difficult for us to reach. Learn to be grateful for life, which is thankful that we will always feel affluent and filled with happiness.

Apart from that there are some things we need to do too, when we want to start a happy life, including:

1. Don’t hate
Hatred is one of the strongest emotions we can feel. Hating is more than just not liking someone or finding it annoying, it will make it difficult for you to stop thinking about it. Hatred can lead to a desire to hurt or make someone who is hated to be ashamed. Hating someone can be very tiring. For your own good, stop hate, no matter whether this person deserves to be hated or not, the most important thing is to think about your life which is more meaningful than constantly spending time hating.

Instead of wanting to hate other people it’s better to use energy for things that make your life feel more enjoyable and more developed. Research shows that people who can eliminate negative habits turn out to be healthier and happier.

2. Easy to forgive
If we are humiliated, surely we want to embarrass them.

If we are denounced, surely we want to repay with reproach.

Almost the character of every person who is hurt and wronged like that. But it’s good that we change the nature, try to succumb and end the end of every problem that exists. When we are humiliated and insulted, then we do not need to reply by insulting and criticizing the person even though we know the shortcomings that exist in him and can bring them down. Try to forgive, forgiving does not mean forgiving someone else’s hurtful actions, but as a way to continue a better and happier life. In the end, what we do is for ourselves, not for others.

Forgiveness or forgiveness is clearly not an easy thing. Make peace with yourself, the circumstances, and those who hurt are not easy things. But do we realize that there are some good things that will be gained when we forgive? Wouldn’t that courage be “paid” in accordance with the happiness we feel afterwards? So from now on learn to be a forgiving person so that the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive is full of calm and happiness.

3. Don’t complain
When faced with a reality that is not as expected, we are often tempted to complain. Start now to change this habit. It is better to stop complaining and get productive right away so that we can get good results and clear by stopping complaining automatically we will be easier to be grateful for all the gifts and favors that God has given, and with gratitude of course a happy life span will feel closer.

4. No envy and jealousy
Jealousy and envy are two bad qualities that exist in a person, which this nature will make the person always feel unhappy and not willing to see other people get happiness and goodness in their lives. Gratitude in living life is one way to avoid this despicable behavior so that the heart is clean and always positive in prejudice to others.

Envy and envy will not bring good to ourselves and our lives. The heart will get dirty and always prejudice others. Our lives will also be far from being calm because we always feel hurt and not happy every time we see people in our neighborhood get good luck.

People who like jealousy and malice are also very vulnerable to stress, why is that? Because every time he sees success, success and goodness that afflicts others he always feels unhappy, rivaled and will make him cranky.

So how can you be happy if your heart is filled with jealousy and envy towards others? What is there is that he will feel troubled every time someone gets good in life. In order to live happily, leave this trait by changing yourself for the better.

5. Always smile
The point is to live life with a smile, no matter how heavy the burden we carry, no matter how big the obstacles are, try to smile then all your burdens will feel lighter. Smiles show a desire to share, be caring and friendly. Smile then you will feel peaceful. Don’t make your life worse in sadness, change your tears into a smile, then you will see how beautiful this world is.

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