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8 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

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Are you happy? When you are stressed, maybe you don’t want to do anything, and this is often misinterpreted by people. They assume that you are just sad, or lazy. The fact that you are unhappy can make you not feel passionate about your life routine. Then, what should be done so that you feel happier?

How to Make Yourself Feel Better

Training the brain to think happy is not easy. But, did you know that the brain can be reset to feel happy? Here are simple things you can do to train your brain to feel happier:

1. Control Your Stress
Do daily activities stress you out? Stress is indeed a condition that cannot be avoided. Sometimes we are stressed by many things, such as work, school work, daily spending plans, educating children, and other things. Without realizing it, the pressure that accumulates becomes large. The stress that we have even the level is no longer low. If it’s like this, you should try to reduce the stress, such as learning to manage your daily time.

Having control over your time is an effective way to manage stress. Making the priorities that are most important for you to do can help you focus and achieve good results. Don’t forget to take the time to exercise and for yourself. If stress comes from your feelings of being easily anxious, try to practice meditation. Exercising breathing can make you relax. You can also overcome anxiety by making a positive affirmation journal.

2. Write down your positive and negative thoughts
Create two columns in your diary, the first column contains negative thoughts, the second column is positive thoughts. When you have negative thoughts, write in the negative column in your journal, then write positive thoughts to fight the negative thoughts that have just occurred to you.

For example, “I must have failed this test, it is impossible to succeed”, you can write a reply to his positive thoughts, “There is nothing impossible, as long as I try everything, the most important thing is I try first, the results will be late.” one key to the success of affirmations is that you believe in the affirmation.

3. Don’t forget humor, and enjoy the things you like
Under pressure, it is difficult for us to see anything else. But, try to always see the funny side of the situation that occurs, humor will make you feel better. Even if you don’t want to joke, try to be more relaxed.

You don’t have to joke with people, all you need to do is have a joke of the situation that is happening to yourself. However, if you can joke with other people, of course it’s also good to do. Humor will make the anxiety we think become less important. Of course, when you laugh, or smile, you feel lighter and happier.

You can also do something you enjoy doing. Get to know your hobbies, and do them. This is good for your emotional well-being. There is no need to be difficult, for example you can watch sports matches that you enjoy doing with friends, massage, play games, go and discuss with friends in coffee shops. These easy things sound easy, but have a positive impact on you afterwards.

Another way is to find out your talents, such as cooking or dancing. Focus on these abilities, so you don’t feel in vain. Sometimes sadness comes because you are not sure you can do something.

If you think that you don’t have the time to hone your talents, maybe your timing is still not good. Try to set it up and find out if you can get new achievements. But, there are things you need to avoid, namely false pleasures. You might enjoy it at the beginning, but make your feelings worse afterwards, for example drinking lots of alcohol, or eating fast food excessively.

4. Increase your confidence
Treat yourself the same way you treat your loved ones, positively and honestly, that is the best step to increase self-confidence. When you are not confident, anxiety will increase, so you don’t feel happy. Say something positive about yourself every day.

Try to see the good side of the problem, for example, rather than blaming yourself for not getting a job, it’s better to strategist so that other interviews will be much better. The good side of the failure of the interview is the exercise to be more confident in presenting yourself

5. Limit alcohol intake
Alcohol may be a tempting thing when you go through hard days, because alcohol can make ‘numb’ feeling sick or depressed. But, you need to know, alcohol can also make you become aggressive and feel irritable. If that’s the case, not the happiness you get, a worse feeling might aggravate your situation.

6. Choose foods for a balanced diet
Adequate healthy food can make you happier and make your emotions stronger. A healthy diet is a good positive thing to do. By doing positive things, you can increase your confidence too. In addition, a good diet can also help the brain’s performance to work more efficiently. Your task doesn’t need to be piling up, so you can do other things that make you happy.

7. Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep will make the body produce stress hormones and hungry hormones. This is the reason for lack of sleep can increase your appetite. You might not be happy about the effects of uncontrolled eating at night. Enough sleep can make your body’s metabolism work properly, the mood is not chaotic.

8. Give a positive reaction
Sometimes what makes you unhappy is how you react. Reaction is part of the habit of thinking. Some people feel unhappy when they see other people happy.

You can be careful when choosing a reaction. Try asking yourself? How when you get praise? What about when you are used by people? When you feel sad because of someone else, you can ignore the person from getting into revenge. Ignoring doesn’t mean you pretend you don’t see the truth. Ignoring makes your mind avoid negative thoughts.

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