Positive Thinking A Key to Healthy Life
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Positive Thinking is The Key To Healthy Life

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Mindset can affect a person’s health level. People who think positively tend to be healthier, because they are able to deal with the stress they have. They also tend to be easier to live a healthy lifestyle, so they are not susceptible to disease.

Various human problems, ranging from sleep disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, premature aging, to weight gain can often be overcome by positive thinking. Get rid of all negative thoughts that exist and start thinking positively for better health.

Fight Disease with Optimism

A study revealed that patients who think positively are proven to recover faster from their illness, compared to patients who give up on the condition.

Because, patients who think positively tend to be more diligent in undergoing treatment. They are also more enthusiastic to go through the recovery process. Conversely, negative-minded patients tend not to adhere to planned treatment plans so that they are longer to heal. Others are even more resigned and lack the fighting power in their efforts to recover.

Other studies reveal the benefits of positive thinking. Those who think positively have a lower risk of developing heart disease and inflammation. There are also other studies that have found, people who live with coronary heart disease but continue to strive to think positively, can have a longer age.

Positive thinking is the main key in managing stress, which in turn will contribute to many health benefits. In general, the following benefits of positive thinking about health:

  • Not easily hurt.
  • The risk of heart and blood vessel disease is reduced.
  • Longer life expectancy.
  • Lower level of depression.
  • Able to think more creatively, and be more able to solve problems.
  • Memory ability and higher concentration power.

In the field of sports, athletes who fill their heads with positive thoughts prove to have higher achievements.

Simple Ways to Familiarize Yourself for Positive Thinking

Positive thinking does not mean you ignore the disaster that is being experienced, but rather a way of addressing and handling the situation from a better perspective.

The following ways can be tried to get used to positive thinking:

  • Talk to my self – In this case, positive thinking is done by talking about positive things from the events you face, such as encouraging yourself. If negative thoughts begin to approach, think of the good things about you. Respond to the bad things you experience with optimism and make them valuable lessons.
  • Take the good side – Believe that behind every bad event, there is a good side that can be taken. To make positive thinking easier, write down any good things that should be grateful for. Reread the article when negative thoughts reappear.
  • Change thoughts – When there is an incident or failure that approaches, do not assume that the incident has destroyed your life. Change thinking to be more positive by assuming that failure is part of learning. You can improve everything and go back to living your life better.
  • Determine what needs to be changed – In order to be more optimistic and be able to think positively, recognize what causes negative thoughts to emerge. After that, try to improve it in a more positive way. Then determine what needs to change, in order to achieve a more positive and happy life.
  • Make friends with positive people – The environment also affects your mindset. Make friends with positive-thinking people to be able to support self-development. This can support you to develop yourself, and can give you inspiration as well as motivation in living your life.
  • Smile and laugh – Maybe not an easy thing, but still laugh and smile even though in difficult circumstances. Find everyday events that should be laughed at or watch shows that keep you entertained. This method can reduce stress.
  • Yoga, relaxation, meditation and prayer – These methods aim to calm the mind and body in order to think positively. Aside from being able to make you more calm, these activities can train yourself to be able to be broad-hearted and be positive, to move forward past problems.

Positive thinking can help people to get mental and social health. Positive thoughts can increase self-confidence which ultimately forms positive relationships with others. This also makes a person more protected from stress attacks and provides the ability to make more informed decisions.

Not only that, positive thinking is also able to maintain the balance of the performance of organs and hormones in it, so that it can maintain the body’s immune system to remain optimal. If you find it difficult to deal with life problems with a positive attitude, you can consult a psychologist to help you overcome them.

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