Positive Thinking for Weight Loss
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Positive Thinking for Weight Loss – Tips to Help You

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Why try this and that diet but it doesn’t work? The step you need to try is controlling your mind.

Today many experts find ways that, thoughts can affect everything in your life. Starting from looking beautiful, maintaining emotions, to having a slim body.

How do you get a slim body by controlling your mind? Here’s our review.

Should be patient

Know that the ideal body weight and slim body cannot be obtained for an instant. Need process and time and discipline efforts. So you have to be diligent to achieve the ideal body weight.

Hungry or just want to?

Know when you are hungry, or just want to eat. Your body is only you who understands it, so you can determine whether you are in need of food intake or not.

When you are not hungry and you eat, food will not be distributed as needed. But it settles and makes the body like a storage area.

Positive thinking

It’s important to keep positive thoughts about weight and appearance. The most important thing in losing weight is that you realize it is primarily for health. If you only think about appearance, then the results tend to be instant and won’t last long.

Emotional eating

It is very important to control your appetite, especially when you have eating habits in times of stress, nervousness or fear. If you are fond of eating sweet or high salt, then you will be difficult to control your appetite and weight.

Make sure when the temptation comes you recognize really. Is the body hungry, or just your emotions.

The target is realistic

Don’t set a high target that will only diminish your expectations. To reach the ideal body weight must be gradual. If you put your hopes too high, then the results will actually make you disappointed. This disappointment will then encourage you to eat again. No wonder you have difficulty maintaining body weight.

No less important than all the mind control, arranging the menu and portion of eating and exercising is something that should not be taken for granted. Make sure you balance all these things so that your ideal body weight can be achieved.

Start with small things

Whatever the goal, start with something small and realistic. For example, by exercising every day with a fast intensity, it’s better to start by doing small but routine movements. The Four Day Win writer, Martha Beck, PhD gave an example, rewarding yourself with a 10-minute walk after dinner.

Don’t follow your heart

The author of the Complete Beck Diet for Life, Judit S. Beck, PhD said, try to turn your conscience to useful things such as writing, answering crossword puzzles, and singing rather than eating a serving of cake at a time of stress.

Visualize the results

Start watching an event that contains ‘thin people’ while saying to yourself that we want to have the same body shape with him. Of course, we must follow the diet they adopt, with a little modification.

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