Positive Thinking to Help Think More Creatively
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Positive Thinking to Help Think More Creatively

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One of the principles of Steve Jobs he shared when giving a speech at Stanford University was, “I have nothing, why should I be afraid to lose something?”

In reality, it made Steve Jobs not afraid to do anything, he was never afraid to try and fail. After I observed it, it turned out that it was caused, positive thinking made someone dare to commit and make an agreement between himself and the situation, whether that happened today or happened later.

He knew maybe it would be difficult, but he would try to not react negatively. For example, if he is later refused when expressing love, he has ultimatum and warned himself that he will not challenge and revenge the woman who refused it.

Positive thinking people never run away from reality because they seem to know all the risks in life and have put that risk before their eyes. That is because the effort is no longer to achieve and get what he wants, but at the beginning of the step has prepared himself for the pain that is ready to attack the failure of his business.

Positive people seem to have a high level of submission while being active and never giving up. They have surrendered their bodies, souls and hearts to reality and all bitterness, so there is nothing to be surprised about if it hits their lives. Surely people who train themselves to think positively always try to balance so that the way they see the outside world is not trapped in mere subjectivity, they try to be objective in order to get a balanced, calming view.

Because In Silence Calm in That’s the Position of Your Strength

I forgot, where are the sentences I read? But in essence, positive people can feel good not because they are calm, but they have already decided not to be reactive, so that the response makes them calm. Positive people know that some useless things need not be discussed and considered. Like talking about the ugliness and shortcomings of others, exaggerating the mistakes of others and so on.

They are sure to find exciting and fun topics that don’t need to talk about other people. Even if they talk about they prefer to study it to draw lessons and benefits. For them to talk about people is not important, there is something far more important that is talking about ideas. Not that the people who criticize are negative people, but negative people’s criticism aims to bring down while the criticism of positive people is constructive.

That’s because in general people who think a lot positively always look more calm, easy to smile and don’t hesitate to smile first. They can get along with anyone and if they meet people who speak negatively only usually they will only listen without wanting to get involved or incite the conversation.

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