Psychology Of Happiness

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Really … happiness cannot be explained by reason, so a critical person is not easy to be happy

Happy is when I realize that I’m not bound by anything … I’m independent

From the unhappiness you are taught how happy it is to be happy

“Where are my glasses? Where’s it?” • Even though it’s being used • So people don’t claim to be happy, even though he’s happy

Happy life continues to be bored, sometimes needing to feel unhappy, so that life has color

Where there is a lot of hope, there is no happiness

The biggest mistake of human mental education is that the purpose of life is happy, happy is the method of life

The happiest happiness I felt when I was sincere and accepted my existence completely

Happiness cannot be pursued, it is not money, it is a condition … Surrender conditions.

Unhappiness always arises when I doubt that I deserve to be happy

It’s very difficult to understand, why some people can be happy to see other people not happy

Unhappiness actually educates me to enjoy happiness more, after thirsty drop of water is everything

Humans are not happy because of the hopes that they built themselves, many hopes that many will be disappointed, no hope no lose

Fill your heart until you reach it … not by hope … but by the power to accept reality

Please learn anything, but if you don’t learn to be happy without conditions, all the things you learn are futile

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