5 Reasons Reading Books Can Make You Happy

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For some people, the book and its aroma are heaven. In the midst of fatigue, books can be a drug that diverts sadness and anxiety. In fact, sometimes people find answers to what he reads.

Books are indeed not only a means of reading, but can make someone happier. If you don’t like reading too much, maybe after learning a few facts below, you will begin to love the collection of books you have long ignored.

For a moment Forgot

Forgotten is sometimes needed. Who would want to remember about sad things and make you annoyed. Many people try to repress it in various ways. But a book, can give you a more comfortable means of forgetting. The story might make you remember, but at the same time make you find answers and lessons from a problem. In addition, books can also make you forget about the saturation of the routine.

Building Imagination

Our brains are too often used for serious things, reflexes and things that are repeated like routines. You need time to imagine and reading books can be the right method. You can make your own imagination from the images given by others. Thus, ideas can emerge without your guess.


One way to make you happy is to have fun entertainment. Entertainment in the form of scripts and discourses is not only fun but also provides education and inspiration. Therefore, those who read books not only become smart, but their emotional repertoire and intelligence balance each other well.

Sharpen Sense and Empathy

Reading books can make us have good knowledge and images. That way, we can explain well what we want, what other people feel and how we need to master something. When you can accommodate spiritual needs, you can fulfill your inner needs.

Self Improvement

You can be a better person by reading books. Clever to analyze and respond to a problem, and be more calm in facing something. But this also must be balanced with association with other individuals.

Reading books can be a therapy that makes a person happier, directed and purposeful. Take your book and find the ‘treasure’ there. Happy reading.

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