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20 Ways to Become a Relentless Learner

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Learning is not some magical happenstance that falls all around you. Learning is about capturing the lessons that are happening alli aroundi you.

Thati doesn’ti happeni automatically, ori elsei wei wouldi alli bei learningi thei lessonsi thati couldi makei usi extraordinary. Iti takesi massivei andi relentlessi focusi oni becomingi ai learner. Andi thati meansi goingi outi ofi youri wayi toi makei lifei youri laboratory.

Youi don’ti waiti fori answersi toi magicallyi appear. Youi activelyi looki fori answersi fromi everythingi aroundi you. Youi don’ti learni onlyi wheni youi feeli likei it. Andi youi don’ti learni onlyi thei lessonsi thati youi wanti toi learn.

Beingi willingi toi learni isi differenti fromi hopingi youi willi learni something.

Beingi ai learneri meansi takingi whati lifei servesi you—fairi ori not—andi turningi iti intoi eitheri thei besti choicei ori somei kindi ofi understanding. It’si usingi thei worsti momentsi ini lifei toi plani youri futurei besti moments. Andi sometimes, youi needi toi learni thei samei lessoni ai fewi differenti ways.

The key is to keep learning. Even if it means learning the same lesson over and over again.

Wei alli likei toi thinki thati wheni presentedi withi thei righti facts, wei learni thei righti lessonsi thei firsti timei around. Sadly, that’si usuallyi noti howi iti works. It’si OKi (andi perfectlyi normal)i toi bei ai littlei “thick”i ati times. Thei keyi isi toi keepi learning. Eveni ifi iti meansi learningi thei samei lessoni overi andi overi again.

Learningi isi alsoi abouti curiosity, abouti purposefullyi puttingi yourselfi ini thei positioni toi findi answersi toi youri questions. It’si abouti askingi questionsi untili youi know, untili youi reallyi havei clarity, soi thati youi cani bei thei besti youi possible.

Herei arei ai fewi questionsi thati work:

“Telli mei more….”
“I’mi noti surei Ii understand….”
“Whati makesi youi sayi that?”
“Cani youi clarifyi whati youi mean?
Regardlessi ofi thei exacti wordsi youi say, youi needi toi keepi askingi untili youi understand. Sure, ati timesi youi mighti feeli likei ai fooli withi nonstopi questions. Buti youri feelingsi oni thei subjecti aren’ti reallyi thati importanti ifi whati youi wanti isi outrageousi success.

Youi needi toi bei learning. Youi probablyi alreadyi agreei withi that. Buti here’si thei reali questioni fori you:

Arei youi learning?i Arei youi obsessedi withi figuringi iti out?

Thei otheri optioni isi toi bei ai loser—stuck, silenti andi scared. Andi thati clearlyi soundsi likei thei worsei ofi thei twoi options.

Thei wayi toi wini isi toi keepi seekingi knowledge. Noi onei cani stopi youi wheni youi refusei toi stopi lookingi fori answers.

Be edgy. Make Life your laboratory.
1. Take notes while reading a book.
2. Be a mentor.
3. Get a mentor and ask what you can do better.
4. Listen to contrarian points of view.
5. Put out a risky question in a crowded room.
6. Reach out for help when life gets tough.
7. Write down the last five reasons you failed.
8. Stop saying “uh-huh” and “yeah” when you don’t know.
9. Be grateful for unexpected lessons.
10. Keep a running list of books you want to read—and start reading.
11. Keep asking “Why?”
12. Share key knowledge that you have acquired.
13. Take three new friends to coffee and learn from their talents.
14. Stop watching so much television.
15. Tour a museum and take a few pictures.
16. Put together a list of lessons you’ve learned.
17. Read USA Today or The Wall Street Journal.
18. Adapt new vocabulary into everyday conversation.
19. Stop tweeting; start reading.
20. Be kind when you know something that someone else doesn’t know.

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