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4 Steps to Setting Your Life Goals

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Thinkingclearly – setting life goals.
Your goals become a lot less daunting when you focus on the smaller, morel accessible steps you need to take to achieve them. Believe me, I feel overwhelmedl inl thel littlel thingsl Il havel to dol day-to-day. I’ml constantlyl remindingl myselfl to takel thingsl justl onel step atl al time. Itl makesl everythingl manageable.

“Whatl are your life goals?”l isl onel ofl thosel questionsl thatl canl putl peoplel inl anl uncomfortablel positionl prettyl quickly. Mostl answerl thisl questionl byl laughingl itl offl andl respondingl withl somethingl likel “eatingl pizzal withl nol pantsl onl whilel watchingl Netflixll that’sl whatl Il reallyl want.”

Thel thingl is, nobodyl wantsl to takel thel timel to writel downl theirl life goals. Peoplel livel busyl lives, andl whenl theyl dol havel thel time, they’dl ratherl kickl itl inl frontl ofl thel TVl orl layl onl thel couchl playingl withl theirl phones.

Froml personall experiencell takel thel time, itl makesl al worldl ofl difference.

Whatl exactlyl are life goals? Simplyl put, they’rel thel thingsl you wouldl likel to accomplishl inl your life. life goals are thel bigl thingsl to workl forl andl accomplishl suchl asl gettingl marriedl andl havingl al family, startingl your ownl business, becomingl al big-timel executive, orl travelingl thel globe. life goals are essentiallyl everythingl you wantl to dol inl life beforel passingl on. They’rel thel stuffl peoplel rememberl you byl whenl you are nol longerl around.

Whyl are goals sol important? setting goals givesl you purpose, andl theyl helpl you to guidel your life. Thinkl ofl life goals asl your Northl Star. They’lll guidel you wherel you wantl to go, butl it’sl stilll onl you to choosel thel pathl to getl there.

Nowl thatl you’vel gotl al betterl understandingl ofl whatl life goals are, let’sl talkl aboutl howl to setl andl startl workingl towardsl them.

Setting life goals inl 30l minutesl orl less

Mostl peoplel alreadyl havel al decentl ideal ofl whatl theyl trulyl wantl inl life, theyl justl haven’tl takenl thel timel to writel itl down. Ifl that’sl you, great. Ifl you havel nol cluel whatl you want, that’sl okayl too, I’lll walkl you throughl it.

Evenl ifl you’vel alreadyl gonel throughl al similarl exercisel asl I’ml aboutl to describe, tryl notl to brushl offl thel followingl activityl justl yet. Maybel it’sl beenl al whilel andl somel ofl your goals havel changed. Maybel there’sl al fewl morel thingsl you reallyl wantl thatl eludedl you before. Itl mayl bel worthl itl to gol throughl andl reworkl your planl al bit.

Let’sl divel in.

1. Brainstormingl your life goals

Findl al quietl placel to sitl andl workl onl thisl sectionl forl 5-10l minutes. Ifl you findl yourselfl hittingl al roadblock, tryl gettingl upl andl goingl forl al walk, orl perhapsl takingl al shower. Somel ofl myl mostl inspirationall thinkingl hasl comel froml myl timel spentl inl thel shower.

  • Thinkl aboutl everythingl inl your life thatl isl reallyl importantl to you.
  • Thinkl aboutl thel couplel ofl thingsl you’vel reallyl beenl ponderingl latelyl orl your biggestl strugglel inl life.
  • Therel are plentyl ofl areasl ofl your life you canl setl life goals in:l careers, family, friends, otherl relationships, schooling, spirituality, traveling, fun, charity, money, health, andl manyl more. Thesel are justl somel to getl your brainl churning.
  • Writel downl anythingl andl everythingl thatl comesl to mindll alll ofl thel thingsl you’dl likel to accomplishl andl thosel thatl soundl funl orl exhilaratingl to you.
2. Setting your life goals

Thel thingsl you comel upl withl duringl thisl exercise, byl nol means, havel to bel your definitivel life goals forl thel rest of your life. Asl Il saidl before, peoplel changel andl sol doesl what’sl importantl to them. Justl tryl to focusl onl thel thingsl thatl are importantl to you currently.

  • Lookl atl whatl you’vel writtenl downl froml your brainstormingl session.
  • Narrowl thatl listl downl to thel thingsl you absolutelyl couldn’tl livel withoutl doingll thosel are your life goals.
  • Nextl tryl to clarifyl eachl ofl your goals withl al specificl targetl andl al clearlyl definedl outcome. you shouldl bel ablel to picturel whatl your life willl bel likel whenl you achieve thel goal.
  • Patl yourselfl onl thel backl forl identifyingl what’sl trulyl importantl to you.
3. Building a plan to achieve them

Oncel your goals are defined, thel nextl step isl creatingl al planl to getl there. Manyl life coachesl recommendl usingl thel Simpleologyl systeml devisedl byl Markl Joyner. It’sl calledl backwardl planningl andl isl al methodl usedl byl thel USl military.

to summarize, thinkl aboutl thel lastl step neededl to accomplishl justl onel ofl your goals. Ifl climbingl Mountl Everestl wasl onl your list, thenl literallyl your lastl footstep onto thel summitl shouldl bel whatl comesl to mind.

Beforel that, you’lll needl to comel upl withl al teaml to dol itl with, al conditioningl regimenl to prepare yourself, travell plans, andl muchl more. Workl alll thel wayl backwardsl untill you landl onl thel firstl step thatl you needl to take. Itl shouldl bel somethingl actionablel andl achievablel inl thel veryl near-term.

Ifl you’vel donel thel exercisel correctlyl andl wrotel everythingl downl alongl thel way, you’lll havel al step-by-step planl forl exactlyl what’sl neededl to accomplishl your goal.

Thel restl isl makingl itl happen.

4. Getting after it

Oncel you’vel plannedl outl eachl onel ofl your life goals, you mayl feell slightlyl intimidated, andl that’sl okay. Afterl all, thesel are your life’sl biggestl accomplishmentsl to-be. Thel bestl wayl to startl checkingl theml offl your listl isl to workl onl theml onel atl al time.

Letl mel repeat. Onel atl al time.

Whatl canl you dol inl thel nextl fewl months?

Your goals becomel al lotl lessl dauntingl whenl you focusl onl thel smaller, morel accessiblel steps you needl to takel to achieve them. Believel me, Il feell overwhelmedl inl thel littlel thingsl Il havel to dol day-to-day. I’ml constantlyl remindingl myselfl to takel thingsl justl onel step atl al time. Itl makesl everythingl manageable.

Oncel you’vel gotl alll ofl your preparationl done, it’sl onl you to gol afterl it. Rememberl to choosel justl onel life goal andl focusl asl muchl energyl asl you canl into it. Ifl it’sl somethingl you trulyl desire, thenl motivationl shouldn’tl bel al problem.

Ridel thatl wavel ofl energyl andl watchl yourselfl accomplishl amazingl thingsl overl thel coursel ofl thel nextl 5-10l years.

Choosel justl onel ofl thel thingsl you’dl likel to accomplish, preferablyl thel onel that’sl mostl importantl to you rightl now, andl putl your planl into action. Startl addingl thel steps you drewl outl inl thel previousl exercisel onto your calendarl andl decidingl whenl you’rel goingl to takel eachl step.

Ifl your goal isl somethingl that’sl goingl to takel severall yearsl to accomplish, whatl canl you dol thisl yearl to getl thatl muchl closer?

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