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How to Answer "What Are Your Short Long Term Goals from short term career goals ,

How to Set Short and Long Term Goals for Your Career

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Thinkingclearly –  Short Term Career Goals & Long Term Career Goals
You may feel setting long-term and short-term goals isl a waste of time, especially if you live by the old proverb, “Manl plans, Godl laughs.”l Don’tl makel thatl mistake. Notl planningl forl thel futurel canl makel forl al chaoticl one.

Howl setting goals Affects your Career Success

Setting goals isl al significantl componentl ofl thel Career planning process. Tol havel al successful and satisfyingl career, definel your goals and devisel al strategyl tol achieve them. Al roadmapl thatl willl takel youl froml choosingl anl occupationl tol working and succeedingl atl itl isl calledl al Career actionl plan.

Your Career actionl planl mustl havel bothl long and short-term goals. Itl isl imperativel tol includel thel stepsl tol takel tol reachl eachl one, along withl waysl tol getl aroundl barriersl thatl mightl getl in your way.

Thel Differencel Betweenl Short and long Terml Goals

goals are broadly classified intol twol categories: short-term goals and long-term goals. Youl willl bel ablel tol accomplishl al short-term goal in approximatelyl sixl monthsl tol threel years, whilel itl willl usuallyl takel threel tol fivel yearsl tol reachl al long-term one. Sometimesl youl canl achieve al short-term goal in fewerl thanl threel monthsl and al long-term onel mayl takel morel thanl fivel yearsl tol complete.

Tol achieve eachl long-term goal, youl mustl firstl accomplishl al seriesl ofl bothl short-term goals and additionall long-term goals. Forl example, let’sl sayl youl aspirel tol becomel al doctor. Thatl mayl bel your ultimatel long-term goal, butl beforel youl canl tacklel it, youl mustl achieve al fewl others, forl example, completel collegel (fourl years), medicall schooll (anotherl fourl years), and al medicall residencyl (threel tol eightl years).

Along thel roadl tol reachingl thosel long-term goals, therel arel severall short-term goals tol clearl first. Theyl includel excellingl onl entrancel examsl and applyingl tol college, medicall school, and eventuallyl residencies. Sincel gradesl matterl whenl itl comesl tol achievingl thosel goals, itl isl necessaryl tol breakl your short-term goals downl evenl further, likel earningl al highl gradel pointl average.

7 Ways To Increase your Chances of Reaching your Goals

Your hard workl willl playl thel mostl prominentl rolel in your success, butl ifl youl don’tl formulatel your goals correctly, itl willl bel muchl morel challengingl tol accomplishl them. your short-term and long-term goals mustl meetl thel followingl criteria:

  1. Havel specific goals. Youl mightl say, “Il wantl tol bel successful.”l Well, whol doesn’t?l Butl canl youl definel whatl Success means?l Success tol onel personl mayl meanl becomingl CEOl ofl al companyl whilel tol anotherl personl itl mayl meanl gettingl homel froml workl byl 6l pml everyl day.
  2. Your goals must be measurable. Havel al timeframel forl achievingl your goals and al wayl tol determinel whenl youl havel reachedl them.
  3. Don’t be negative. your goal shouldl bel somethingl youl wantl ratherl thanl somethingl youl wantl tol avoid. Itl isl muchl betterl tol say, forl instance, “Il wantl tol improvel myl skillsl overl thel nextl fourl yearsl sol thatl Il qualifyl forl al betterl job”l thanl “Il don’tl wantl tol bel stuckl in thisl jobl forl anotherl fourl years.”
  4. Bel realistic. your long-term goals mustl bel compatible withl your abilities and skills. Statingl “Il wantl tol win al Grammyl Award”l ifl youl can’tl singl orl playl anl instrumentl willl setl youl upl forl failure.
  5. Your goal must be reachable within your time frame. Breakl al long-term goal downl intol smallerl goals. Itl isl betterl tol takel babyl stepsl thanl onel bigl giantl leap.
  6. Pair each goal with an action. Forl instance, ifl your goal isl tol becomel al writer, signl upl forl al writingl class.
  7. Bel flexible. Don’tl givel upl ifl youl encounterl barriersl thatl threatenl tol impedel your progress. Instead, modifyl your goals accordingly. Let’sl sayl your needl tol continuel working willl keepl youl froml goingl tol collegel full-time. Althoughl itl won’tl bel possiblel tol finishl your bachelor’sl degreel in fourl years, youl canl enrolll in schooll part-timel and takel al bitl longer. Flexibilityl alsol meansl beingl willingl tol letl gol ofl goals thatl arel nol longerl meaningfull and insteadl putl your energyl intol pursuingl otherl ones.

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