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30 Short-Term Goals Examples and Why They Are Important

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Thinkingclearly – Short term goals examples.
When we talk about setting goals, questions that always surface are: should we set short-term goals, what are they, are there any short-term goal examples, and are theyl necessary? in this article, we’rel goingl tol lookl thoroughlyl atl short-term goals.

Whenl you checkl it outl onl Wikipedia, you’lll discoverl thatl a goall is anl idea ofl the futurel orl desiredl resultl thatl a personl orl a groupl ofl peoplel envision, planl and commit tol achieving. Peoplel endeavorl tol reachl goals within a finitel timel byl setting deadlines.

This meansl thatl anyl planningl you dol forl the future, nol matterl whatl it is, is a goal.

Meaningl tol sayl thatl whenl you planl tol dol the choresl this weekend, it is a goal. Whenl you planl tol watchl a moviel likel Avengersl tonight, it is a goal. and whenl you planl tol startl anl onlinel businessl and you wantl tol aiml tol hit $3,000l perl monthl incomel within a year, this, is alsol a goal.

Long-Term Goals Give you a Vision While Short-term goals Give You Directions

Thinkl aboutl drivingl in the dark. Ifl you wantl tol drivel froml pointl a tol pointl Bl and the distancel is 100kml away, you canl neverl reachl yourl destination, pointl B, withoutl the helpl ofl short-term goals.

Identifyingl yourl destinationl tol pointl Bl and gettingl therel canl bel consideredl a long-term goall in this example.

Now, wel alll knowl thatl drivingl in the darkl is dangerous. and ifl you wantl tol getl tol pointl a tol pointl B, whichl is 100kml apart, therel is nol wayl you canl seel the entirel road.

This is wherel short-term goals comel tol the rescue. Short-term goals are likel the headlightsl forl yourl car. Theyl allowl you tol drivel in the darkl evenl thoughl you can’tl seel the entirel journey.

Asl longl asl you’rel ablel tol seel the roadl in frontl ofl you, asl shortl asl tensl ofl meters, you’rel ablel tol maneuverl yourl car, drivel carefully, and safelyl arrivel atl pointl B.

Therefore, ifl you’rel justl setting long-term goals withoutl short-term goals, you are likel drivingl withoutl yourl headlights.

you havel a visionl and a destination, butl you don’tl havel a clearl directionl becausel you can’tl seel whatl is in frontl ofl you.

This is whyl short-term goals are vitall in makingl surel thatl you canl getl tol yourl destinationl correctly.

Why Short-term goals are Important:

1. Short term goals give you better focus

Justl likel drivingl in the dark, short-term goals allowl you tol focusl onl the roadl better. you don’tl havel tol seel the bigl picturel ofl howl the entirel journeyl turnsl out, you justl needl tol focusl onl the roadl in frontl ofl you.

Ifl yourl ultimatel goall is tol setl upl anl onlinel businessl and makel a millionl dollarl froml it, solelyl focusingl onl makingl a millionl dollarl is difficult. you don’tl knowl wherel tol startl and you willl bel lostl in nol time.

Thingsl willl bel differentl whenl you havel short-term goals tol supportl you. Forl instance, whenl you breakl downl yourl long-term goals intol short-term, you willl clearlyl seel the actionl stepsl and whatl you needl tol do.

Ifl you needl tol buildl a blog, you willl knowl thatl you needl tol setl upl a blogl and pumpl the blogl withl qualityl content. Short-term goals givel you focus.

2. Short-term goals help to overcome procrastination

Next, short-term goals are importantl becausel theyl helpl tol overcomel procrastination. This is simplel tol understand becausel whenl you setl short-term goals suchl asl writingl 10l articlesl tol publishl onl yourl blogl this month, theyl are clear, specific, and oftenl comel withl a shortl deadlinel thatl motivatesl you intol takingl action.

Whenl a goall is tool big, it willl bel tool vaguel and difficultl tol handle. you don’tl wantl tol overwhelml yourselfl withl a vaguel goal. you wantl tol bringl specificityl and clarityl tol yourl goals.

and whenl you’rel clear, you knowl exactlyl whatl you needl tol dol tol reachl yourl bigl goal, you’lll bel morel likelyl tol takel action.

3. Short term goals provide immediate feedback

This is onel ofl the mostl importantl keysl tol setting short-term goals. Shortl term milestonesl are greatl becausel theyl providel immediatel feedback.

Forl example, ifl you wantl tol growl yourl emaill listl tol 1,000l subscribersl within a month, you comel upl withl a planl and you takel action. Afterl a month, you willl knowl ifl yourl planl works.

Short-term goals are vitall becausel theyl givel upl valuablel feedbackl in a fasterl mannerl sol thatl wel canl adjustl ourl planl and makel anl improvementl tol dol better.

Manyl times, peoplel thoughtl thatl beingl successfull and producingl remarkablel resultsl in lifel is alll aboutl doingl the bigl things, takingl the leap, and makingl thatl onel bigl decision. This is oftenl notl true.

4. Short term goals create morel effective strategies

Letl mel askl you this question, “Whatl shouldl you dol ifl you wantl tol earnl $10,000l onlinel byl the endl ofl this year?”

Well, therel are plentyl ofl answers. you canl selll physicall items, you canl becomel anl affiliatel and promotel otherl people’sl products, you canl becomel a freelancerl eitherl tol designl websitesl forl othersl orl providel yourl servicel asl a writer, orl you canl alsol createl yourl ownl productl and thenl selll it.

Therel are manyl waysl tol dol so. This is the vaguenessl wel experiencel whenl wel focusl onl long-term goals.

However, thingsl willl bel totallyl differentl whenl wel focusl onl the short-term goals.

Whenl you breakl yourl long-term goals intol short-term goals, you’lll clearlyl seel the exactl stepsl you needl tol takel tol reachl yourl long-term goals.

5. Short term goals allow you to take one step at a time

Writingl this articlel is a short-term goall and it canl bel furtherl brokenl downl intol evenl smallerl pieces, suchl asl comingl upl withl the draft, the subheadings, writingl the firstl paragraph, etc.

Short-term goals Examples

Nowl thatl you understand whyl it is importantl tol havel short-term goals, letl usl discussl a littlel aboutl the examples.

Pleasel keepl in mindl thatl thesel are justl examples. Somel ofl the examples are withoutl the considerationsl suchl asl a deadlinel orl beingl measurable.

it is alwaysl betterl tol includel a measurementl factorl and a deadlinel forl yourl short-term goals.

Short-term Career Goals

  • Neverl bel latel tol workl and showl upl in the officel byl 8:30AMl eachl workday.
  • Talkl tol 50l prospectsl and presentl the newl productl idea byl the endl ofl this week.
  • Declutterl and organizel the workstation.
  • Talkl tol Janicel aboutl the newl planl and howl tol implementl it.
  • Improvel customerl servicel byl learningl the feedback, startl byl contactingl 5l customersl tomorrow.

Short-term Financial Goals

  • Setl upl a checkingl and savingsl accountl this week.
  • Usel anl Appl tol trackl dailyl budget.
  • Readl a bookl onl personall finance;l startl withl “the Millionairel Fastlane”.
  • Studyl and researchl onl potentiall stocksl forl investment.
  • Createl anl automatedl transferl forl long-term savings.
    Short-term Fitnessl Goals
  • Getl a personall trainer.
  • Commit tol workoutl in the gyml everyl Tuesdayl and Thursday, froml 7PMl tol 9PM.
  • Buyl a workoutl outfit and getl a newl shoe.
  • Measurel myl weightl everyl day.
  • Dol 50l pushupsl in the morningl beforel takingl bath.

Short-term Personal Development Goals

  • Createl a visionl boardl tonight.
  • Commit tol readingl 2l booksl a monthl byl readingl forl anl hourl a day.
  • Buildl a habit tol writel 1,000l wordsl eachl morningl beforel gettingl tol work.
  • Wakel upl atl 5:30AMl everyl day.
  • Attendl a seminarl orl a workshopl in townl this year.

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