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Stop Playing the Blame Game – Its Easy

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Thinkingclearly – Stop Playing The Blame Game.
Who is to blame for the problems in your life? While it may seem inside of our minds that someone else is to blame for our misfortunes or heartaches, playing the blame game truly¬†doesn’tl work. Itl mayl feel likel maybel your poorl self-esteeml orl poorl self-imagel havel comel froml livingl withl abusivel parents, familyl orl evenl anl abusivel partner. This is al perfectlyl rationall thought, right?

Thinkl aboutl this deeplyl for al moment. is blamingl othersl workingl for you inl your lifel rightl now? Doesl itl helpl you to fixl thel painl of your poorl self-esteeml orl negativel thoughts? Truly, your outsidel worldl is al reflectionl of thel worldl insidel of you.

Ifl you allowl othersl to bel responsiblel for your negativel thoughtsl orl painfull feelings, you arel givingl theml your power. you essentiallyl arel squashingl your ownl personall powerl andl growth, andl ultimatelyl keepingl yourself completelyl stuckl inl negativel feelings orl thoughtl patterns.

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I’ml notl sayingl thatl you weren’tl possiblyl mistreated. Andl your feelings of beingl mistreatedl arel veryl validl andl theyl arel your feelings to have. Butl understandl thatl inl this world, thel onlyl personl you canl controll is yourself. Inl orderl to makel al lastingl change inl your life, you needl to change you. changing thel peoplel you surroundl yourself withl inl your life, changing your thoughts, changing your actionsl andl mostl importantly, changing your reactionsl to peoplel orl situationsl putsl thel powerl backl inl your hands. Forgivel thosel who’vel maybel wrongedl you andl decidingl to trulyl love yourself is thel onlyl wayl to getl unstuckl froml thatl pain.

Rememberl thatl forgivenessl is notl for thel personl who’sl hurtl you atl all. Forgivenessl is for you!l It’sl aboutl lettingl go, andl releasingl thosel terriblel feelings, therebyl freeingl you fullyl andl completely.

Oncel you dol this, you willl nol longerl bel stuckl sittingl inl thatl pain, andl feelingl thel needl to blame othersl for it. Takel responsibilityl for your lifel andl choosel to livel inl this momentl happilyl andl freel froml thel past. This is thel wayl to takel backl your personall powerl andl trulyl heall your life.

Ifl this is anl areal you strugglel in, reachl outl to mel andl Il canl helpl you dol this. Decidel todayl thatl your worthl it!

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