The Positive Side Of Negative Thinking
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The Positive Side Of Negative Thinking

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S provocative title seems. The author must like negative thinking and this article is part of rationalization. Whatever the reader has in mind about the title, it’s up to you. Most importantly, these thoughts lead to something positive.

And after I thought and pondered carefully, what he wrote was believed by most of us, including me of course, that positive thinking, optimism is the ‘way’ of success and success of someone. Evidently, very often optimism and positive thinking are encouraged by motivators in public spaces. Conversely, negative thoughts and pessimism are the door to failure. Therefore, I often motivate myself and others to always be optimistic and think positively.

Meaningfully, optimism and positive thinking have the same understanding. Both are interpreted as perspectives, judgments that try to see the good side of the worst.

For example, maybe we often entertain ourselves when we experience a disaster or something, saying “Luckily it’s just a wrecked car, broken leg … life is still safe.” “Fortunately, only homes are sold out in flames, money can still be searched again.” “Even though the four dollars have been rebuilt, thank God, you can still eat sweet potatoes …” etc. … So, Indonesians … their lives are happy yaks! Luckily … Ehehe …

While pessimism and negative thinking is a view that always sees the bad and weak sides of things that are actually good. For example, some say we are beautiful, handsome, or smart, say mockery, insincerity, niceties … I see, what I understand.

When viewed from the illustration that I have conveyed above, it is really clear, if positive thinking and optimism are indeed better and more likely to lead someone to success when compared to pessimism and negative thinking. But is that really true?

Sorry, I’m not provoking you to think negatively or pessimistically. I just want to, we understand that every individual is different from a unique innate character, there is nothing in common even in identical twins.

Fellow individuals are optimistic and adherents of positive thinking, too, cannot be exact in the principles and values ​​they hold. There are some people who will be better if given support and motivation, while others will actually be weakened. What do you mean?

Look, for those with optimistic characters and tend to think positively, motivational sentences like “I can do it!” “all right!” “I’ve passed it, and it works!” will be able to increase a person’s confidence in facing difficult situations, for example when going to university entrance exams, job interviews, presentations to professors.

But, perhaps, the sentences are not enough for someone with a pessimistic character and tend to think negatively. The motivational sentence can backfire. What do you mean?

Unlike optimists and negative thinkers, bad thoughts like “I can’t!”, “I’m going to fail!” “I’ve never experienced it, and this is a difficult situation.” more dominant appear in the head of pessimists with a tendency to think negatively.

And strangely, it is precisely pessimism and negative thoughts that make them try harder, again and again to achieve the best results. So … if their anxiety, pessimism, and negative thoughts are blocked, or ridiculed, and flooded with optimistic suggestions, positive thinking, it is very possible, will reduce their achievement efforts. I see … and this is what I found in some cases among my own friends.

Interestingly, not a few of us actually can achieve maximum results precisely when we focus more on bad possibilities, that we will fail. The reason was earlier, we will become harder in trying.

Not a few also, people who fail because of their optimism, the past is not optimal in trying. People who are too optimistic, feel like they are in a comfort zone, so they are reluctant to go out and increase their efforts to a better condition. In addition, optimists and positive thinkers tend to blame others for their failure so they don’t want to learn from failure.

While the pessimistic person is the opposite, he blames himself for his failure. For example, when the project presentation is less interesting, optimists assume that the audience is lacking or does not understand the material presented, not because of poor performance.

However optimism is necessary, especially for those who are struggling in a field that requires endurance and perseverance. For example, in insurance sales work with a high level of rejection. However, at the same time, we need to be pessimistic to anticipate the worst and prepare everything.

In the end, both optimism – positive thinking and pessimism – negative thinking, will be deadly in extreme conditions. Pessimism becomes fatalistic, and optimism becomes toxic. The key is to find the right, more moderate range that combines the benefits of both. Recognizing situations and strategies is the key. Able to combine the positive side of various characters.

We can all succeed and succeed in different ways!

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