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Spreading Goodness Through Think Positive Thoughts

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What we think will affect the physiology of our body. You will not be able to smile if you are thinking negative things. Even if you can smile, then that smile will look a different forced smile with a natural smile.

Natural smile is a free positive thing that will have a positive impact on people you smile about. Maybe the person is experiencing some events that make his mood uncomfortable in the morning, for example being scolded by the boss. Meeting with those of you who smile with him sincerely may be the first smile he received that day and made his mood more relieved.

Positive feelings will give birth to positive thoughts. Positive thoughts accompanied by positive feelings make your physiology different because you are emitting positive energy. You may be more cheerful, friendlier, more enthusiastic, and more open when your energy is positive. This will certainly affect your environment.

Just compare it if you have negative thoughts. For example, you just moved to work. You have negative thoughts and discomfort coming to a new office where you don’t know people. You think, They will they like me. What if they don’t like me? Can I feel at home later?

‘With that in mind, the physiology of your body will be different. You might look uncomfortable; become more closed, have a hard time smiling because you’re nervous. You are also not comfortable to start talking with people in your new office because of the uneasy anxiety, fear that you will be ignored.

Finally, you are busy with work and just playing cellphones during recess. This makes people even think you are anti-social and unfriendly so they don’t respond to you either. The impact, you start thinking, uh Oh yeah, I really was ignored. Don’t they like me? ’Actually, you are emitting negative energy.

You can spread goodness through your mind by spreading thoughts that love, sincere, and sincere to anyone, anytime, and wherever you are. By focusing on love, sincerity, and sincerity, then your aura will be different from the person whose mind is filled with hatred, anxiety, fear, and anger.

If you are walking to the mall and see an expensive watch that you like but you cannot buy because the price is far above your budget, you have 2 choices in your mind.

The first choice, you can radiate love to the watch and give it away, ‘Wow, I like this watch. I love it. ‘The second choice, you become anxious because you can’t buy it and focus on negative thoughts, ‘I’m sad because I can’t buy it.

It’s good if you have a lot of money, anything can be bought. ‘The first thought might be continued with, ‘How can I have it?‘, But with feelings of love and giving away the current conditions. Whereas the second thought will bring you to think, “Why don’t I have a lot of money?”

With a positive and loving mind, you will also be used to praying for other people for positive things. For example someone is just starting a new business, and then with a positive mind, you will sincerely wish that his new business will run smoothly.

Whereas with negative thoughts, you might think, ‘Ahh, he can start a business because of his parents’ money,’ or ‘Business is hard now, we can see that he can survive until when.’ Negative energy emits a similar energy back to you. So, be careful what you think and feel.

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