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What is Happiness? – 8 Happiness Definition You Must Have In Life!

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Happiness is a feeling of prosperity, peace and satisfaction with our lives for a long period of time. Happiness is the thing we are all looking for, always. When we taste happiness, we want it to continue forever.

People often confuse pleasure with happiness. We usually think that if we eat delicious dishes, wear expensive clothes, and always have fun, we will be happy. However, in fact that happiness did not come into being. We also tend to think that if we satisfy all our needs and desires, we will be happy. However, just caring for yourself turns out to lead to loneliness and pressure.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable if we are alone with our thoughts and feelings. So, we run into music, computer games, food, sex, and careers. But all of this does not really connect us with others, nor does it give us a sense of true happiness.

Because we want to feel happy and connect with others, we often turn to social media. We may have felt the pleasure that has exploded because our self-relies have been liked by many people or because they have received messages from friends, but that only leads to dissatisfaction.

Without stopping, we check our cellphones, anxiously waiting for the next “notification”, but no matter how much “likes” and messages we receive, we still feel less connected with other people.

8 Happiness Definition You Must Have In Life!

1. Happy to Share Stories with Friends
Having a friend who is supportive and familiar with you can be the most beautiful gift in your life. You can cry, laugh, joke, and be happy together. You often capture moments with them in photos and videos.

So, not many think that having a friend is their own happiness in life. You can be close to someone who understands you and understands and accepts you for who you are.

It seems, there is no other happiness that can be expressed if you are with friends. Traveling is a fun and exciting thing to do with them.

2. Happy is Gathering with Family
Who is always there when you are hard and happy, guys? Yup, family answer. There is no treasure that is more valuable than family. For this reason, time with family is the happiest thing for you to make in life. Family is a passion for you to survive in a matter of success.

For that, make your life more happy by making your family happier. Their joking laughs are certainly your jokes too. So, don’t let happy time with your family pass by without you realizing that they have supported you for who you are.

3. Happy That Works
Many people get happiness when they succeed in producing a work that can be enjoyed by others, maybe one of you. Moreover, when the work was praised and appreciated as a good work. Wow, the feeling is amazingly happy!

For that, you also have to encourage yourself to make works and remember people as one of the best makers of works. Whatever and wherever your field is, you can get happy by producing works that can be enjoyed by others.

4. Happy is Loved and Valued
Who doesn’t like being loved and appreciated? Everyone, including you, will be happy when they feel loved and valued for their presence in a place or community. That feeling can be doubled when you can make a maximum contribution to the people around you.

So, you cannot get this definition of happiness immediately. You have to fight so that other people will wholeheartedly love and appreciate your presence there. If you have got these two things and feelings, your life will certainly be more beautiful and happy with the right definition of happiness.

5. Happy is Learning From Mistakes
As a human, everyone has never escaped mistakes. That has become a common thing. However, it is an extraordinary thing if you can learn from that mistake and have a positive effect on your life in the future.

Your life will certainly be happier when you can do better things that start from mistakes. What is even happier is when your learning results get praise from many people.

6. Happy is Giving
If you are looking for meaning and definition of happiness, start giving often. You will definitely feel a feeling where you are proud and happy that you can be useful to others, especially those who live in shortcomings.

You don’t need to have a lot of money or assets to give. Little things like sharing food or sharing knowledge are also good for you to do. Your happiness will certainly multiply when you see the knowledge you give to help other people to change their lives.

7. Happy is Being Yourself
Another definition of happiness is to be yourself and be free to be what you want to be. You feel that everything you do is good for achieving your life goals. You don’t feel that to be liked by others, you need to change how you are.

You are free to regulate your life with the direction and purpose of your life without anyone else trying to interfere and influence you. Don’t forget, your freedom also remains in the circle of rules and norms that apply.

8. Happy is Healthy
Last but not least, everyone will certainly agree that happiness is essential when you feel healthy in living your life. You are free to jump, run, walk, or do things that you like. You enjoy everything with your health.

If your body is maintained health, you are free to do anything, including doing heavy things like hiking or diving. With a healthy body, you can enjoy everything that people might not be able to do.

Now, after you know all the definitions of happiness in life, which one do you want to manifest? Have you got it or will you go there? whatever definition you have, the most important thing is don’t forget to be happy because you can be happy in simple terms.

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