When Positive Thinking Doesn't Work
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Positive Thinking Can’t Always To Change Your Situation

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Sometimes some situations can only be changed by an action, not a thought. It takes a decision from various parties so that a situation can change. Whether in the world of work, or in everyday problems, it is not uncommon for destiny to sometimes place us as passive and weak people, so that in practice we can only accept and accept.

When we cannot change the outside world, this is where the mind plays its dominant role. When the hands and feet can no longer do much, the only thing that determines is the mind.

For example, a person who is destined to have a short body and his growth period has run out, however he wants a body that is as smooth as that is already impossible. Then the only thing that can be done is to accept what has been set.

Certainly an insincere acceptance of a condition will create a torturous inner conflict. Who wants to live in that condition? That’s because by positive thinking we will be taught about how to accept ourselves and circumstances with a feeling of peace. Because we become overlapping, that something we don’t like has indeed been packaged into one with our lives.

So positive thinking is the art of thinking that keeps trying to see the good side of a condition. Even though it is difficult to do this is not something grandiose. Even positive thinking does not change the situation but can change our mood, from the cloudy to bright. Since when is the situation more important than the Susana of our heart? Since when does something outside happen become more important than what happens inside? Isn’t that the wise man said.

Christopher Reeve said, “Like love, thanksgiving must be active.” A sentence that encouraged him to write as soon as he could move his fingers. He writes for foundations that deal with people who are paralyzed. Through his writings he inspired many people who experienced similar things.

“Living a meaningful life means spreading the word. Even if we can’t move, we can have a strong influence on our words. “However, Christopher also said,” Even if our bodies do not work as before, our hearts, minds and spirits are not lost. ”

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