You are the Captain Of Your Life
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You are the Captain Of Your Life

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One of the requirements for a leader must be fair. Are you fair to yourself? Every human being from birth has been given leadership spirit later he will lead himself and family but can be a fair leader?

First leadership must be applied To yourself must be fair in time for example do not often stay up late, do not often eat late, do not smoke because it is very unfair for the body, the body also needs to rest, need to absorb vitamins, nutrients from food, you might consider trivial but see 5 the next year all diseases will land on your body so start now set your life to be a leader for yourself by:

  • Eat healthy food
    In this era, a lot of fast food is offered and it is very tempting, but it is not guaranteed health because it usually contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, it is better to reduce fast food, start living healthy by cooking vegetables and eating lots of fruit.
  • Be diligent in sports
    It doesn’t take long enough exercise 15 minutes a day.
    Sport is a miracle drug that you can get easily without expensive fees, but is often overlooked, leading to a variety of health complaints. Even so, it’s never too late to start exercising. Whatever your age, scientific evidence proves that physical activity can make you have a healthier and happier body. Research even proves that an inactive lifestyle is more dangerous for health than obesity.
  • Keep cigarettes out of life
    Smoking can be detrimental to health that is listed on cigarette packs, but for those who are addicted to cigarettes do not care about the consequences even though the consequences are fatal so start to keep cigarettes and cigarette smoke out of your life, love your lungs and people around you do not poison with rook smoke.

Begin to be a fair leader yourself before becoming a leader of the family and many people. Hopefully useful.

Leading other people is usually more difficult. Because of that, not everyone succeeded in doing it. However, leading yourself turns out to be far more difficult than leading someone else. A person can lead other people and even the wider community by becoming a village head, sub-district head, regent, mayor, governor, and even as minister. However, not necessarily he managed to lead himself.

A person can forbid other people from speaking badly because it can cause others to be offended and angry. However, he did not necessarily succeed in holding back his own desires. So when faced with problems, sometimes utter offense.

A husband too. He can lead his wife and children to always do good, generous, patient, sincere, and friendly. However, not necessarily the noble values ​​can be applied to themselves.

A leader can influence others, but not necessarily succeed in controlling himself. He can remind his men to act honestly, openly, and discipline in taking care of state money or company money. However, can he carry out the values ​​he taught to his men.

Corruptors who take millions or even billions of dollars, do not understand that corruption is bad and prohibited by the state. They know that due to their corrupt behavior, if they are caught, they will get severe punishment. They also knew that the risk was so heavy. If you go to jail, all your children, wives, siblings, and even acquaintances will be embarrassed and sad.

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